A  B  O  U  T     T  H  E     P  U  R  S  U  I  T     O  F     B  A  L  A  N  C  E

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. Life goes on.



Our names are Samantha & Nicole and thank you so much for visiting our corner of the interwebs! To give you a brief background, we are two girls who have spent our entire lives in the pursuit of a balance. Bet you would have never guessed that one. 

Between the two of us we are 28.5 years old and have the average birthday of November 16th. Since meeting just a few short months ago, our friendship has blossomed quickly as we've bonded over X, Y, & Z.   



Some of our awesome accomplishments include: 

- 10 years of combined professional experience   
- Homeowners   
- Wife

- Mother  
- Dog lovers extraordinaire
- Other cool things   
- A few sad things

Aside from exposing you to our dry yet hilarious humor, our goal for this space is to inspire women to strive for balance in their lives. After working at jobs we hated, being in relationships that were toxic, gaining and losing weight due to stress and eating all the things, we've learned that a little bit of moderation is key. We hope to share with you how we continually work to stay happy, healthy and thriving in our personal and professional lives.   

Follow along to read about blogs we love, books we dive into, food we like to devour and even snippets of our personal, always changing and always entertaining lives.


L  E  T ' S   C  H  A  T

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