Words that Inspire

It's no secret to anyone who knows me (or at least to anyone that has known me for a good length of time), that I love words. I love figuring out how to say things as eloquently as possible, I love reading quotes and song lyrics and beautiful words in general. Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite quotes. Some of the most inspiring and most beautiful quotes I've come across in the many, many years I've been collecting them.

Having spent the large majority of my life in school, preparing to live a life where I hold a job, make a name for myself and become successful, this quote speaks to me. I've worked several jobs and not loving a job, dreading going to work on a daily basis, it eats away at you. This quote reminds me that to be successful, skill in what I'm doing is not enough, I need to enjoy it, I need to be happy.

Who doesn't love Mr. Rogers? If you've never watched his acceptance speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 24th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, watch it right now. Growing up with Mr. Rogers, welcoming him into our home daily, it was such a joy. I wish I'd known sooner that he was a man of many words, there are tons of quotes all over the internet from Fred Rogers and this is my favorite of them all. There are always going to be people helping. I don't ever want to forget to look for the helpers.

This quote, and many spin-offs from it, speak the truth. You don't have to participate in every argument you're invited to. Pick your battles. 

It is often so, so very hard to appreciate the changes you're trying to make. Especially when you do not see the progress, you can't count the pounds, you aren't receiving the credit you think you deserve. Whatever it may be, remember that even just motivating yourself enough to make the change, to think about making the change, you're taking steps forward. Don't ever stop trying to be better.

I'm not a religious person (another post for another day), but I do have faith. I have faith that good things happen to good people. I have faith that if you treat people well you deserve to be treated well. I know that when I am doing right, when I am being kind and generous and loving that I feel good. That's enough for me.

I'm a Bad Feminist. You can find out what I mean by that here. I've always felt that I wasn't much of a feminist at all but it turns out, I'm not an activist and the two are very different. I believe that women are already capable of doing all the things men do. I believe that women deserve equal pay and equality in everything else they do. I believe that women are strong and brave and special. The fact that the world perceives those of us that are strong as being crazy or being bitches, if it makes me a feminist to hate that about the world, then call me a feminist.

What are some of your favorite quotes? Words you live by?