Blog Crush: A Beautiful Mess

About a year ago I was feeling kind of blue when my sister suggested I take up a new hobby and told me "you have the personality for blogging" whatever that means...  After the amount of consideration it takes to ask Uncle Google what the "Top 10 Lifestyle Blogs" are my field research had begun and that is when it happened…

A Beautiful Mess

For the past year I have been driving an absurd amount of visits, page views, and clicks to ABM. I have been in awe of sisters Elise Larson & Emma Chapman. Together they own and have developed this amazing website that makes me feel bright, happy, and very creative.  In their words ABM is "a women's lifestyle company focused on creating happiness everyday through a homemade lifestyle". #adorable

It was easy for me to connect with Elise & Emma because it was so clear they were so connected to each other. For any girl who has ever had a strong bond with another female (friend or sister) you know that amazing feeling when you find someone who is equally as passionate as you are - that is exactly how I feel whenever I visit ABM.  

Believe me when I tell you that I am not a DIY'er! I am the quintessential woman of convenience… but since uprooting myself this year and moving from the center of downtown Seattle to a small town of 1,000 people in the middle of central California I have been forced to retire my "oh I can just buy that" mentality. E & E have made it all too easy for me to decorate my house, adapt my wardrobe to a life of working from home, get creative in the kitchen, and teach myself a new hobby.  You might even go as far to say that their limitless creativity has empowered me to challenge my own preconceived notions about myself - and here at the Pursuit of Balance we are all about empowerment.

My Favorite ABM Posts

Starting with the top left:

  1. How to Apply Bronzer Like a Pro
  2. How To Make a Fresh Flower Crown  
  3. Sister Style: Life is Colorful
  4. Homemade Hot Cereal Mix
  5. Elsie's Fitness Story
  6. Photography gear: what we use, love, & recommend
  7. Workspace Organization
  8. 5 ways to treat your blog more like a business 
  9. Pomegranate Kale & Balsamic Pizza

If you have not already checked out ABM please do yourself a favor and browse through their site, check them out on Instagram, like them on Facebook, or Twitter. If you like what you see comment with a link to your favorite post!

As for you Elise & Emma & everyone at A Beautiful Mess, please keep on keeping on and know that there is a blog out there that has a big crush on you :)