Popping in to say Aloha



I have a million things I should be doing considering I'm in Hawaii for WORK but alas... Here I am at 9am sitting by the pool. In my defense, not that I feel I really need one, I already worked for three hours this morning and will be working until at least 7pm tonight.  

Moving onnnnn. 

Have you been hanging out on Instagram because I've been posting all my yummy, mostly healthy food there as well as some other snaps from Honolulu! If you're not hanging out on Insta, let me catch  you up a bit!

First of all, I arrived Tuesday and decided to take an evening walk on the beach since I'd been sitting on an airplane for 6+ hours. The walk went super well, look how pretty!


It drizzled just a tiny but most of the walk which was fine, I mean for one it was still over 80 degrees and my PNW heat tolerance wasn't coping so well so the rain was great. Until it wasn't. When I was still about 10 minutes from my hotel it started dumping. I mean, full blown, torrential Hawaii rain.  



I've never sent out for laundry from a hotel but when I woke up the next day and my jeans and sweater that had been hanging were still DRENCHED... Best $19 I've spent in awhile. I'd also gotten the back of my beautiful white sweater muddy due to the rain and flip flops. All better thanks to 8 hour dry cleaning though! 

Day two I was feeling VERY blogger. I got a fancy straw and positioned my sunglasses to have some semblance of a reflection on them and check out that most blogger meal I've ever eaten. It's a poke bowl and man did I feel Hawaiian. And full.  


Well, that was my most blogger meal ever until the next day when I ordered a papaya salad and realized that it  was actually a papaya salad. In that the base of the salad was spiralized papaya. I didn't even know that was a thing! It was delicious with a spicy sauce and a bit of chicken but I'll tell you what, it was far from filling and I chowed down on an entire personal pizza for dinner. And also two mojitos. Because balance.  



Today is nothing special besides that I'm wearing a romper. And it has pockets. And besides that I barely ever make it to this blog... I feel like a real life blogger.  

My last little tidbit of very exciting news is that Nicole has been asked to contribute to a hilarious and up-and-coming mommy blog and her first post had me laughing out loud. As much as I'd selfishly like to steal all her wit and hoard it here on this blog... Her talents have broadened her horizons. Make sure to check out her introduction post on  Why Do Our Kids Hate Us?? And leave her lots of love

There you have it. Life this week through the photo lens of my iPhone 7. More to come next week. Probably!