Blogging my way through the Skinnytaste Cookbook #1

Well, it may have taken a few extra days but the first blog post in my Blogging my way through a cookbook series is finally here! This recipe is going to seem out of place considering we've had 3 days in a row where areas of Seattle broke 70° but trust me when I say last week we barely broke 50° and soup was called for. 


I decided to blog my way through a cookbook not to write out recipes but to share recipes I've found, tried and either liked, loved, or well, didn't love. OF COURSE, in true blogging fail fashion, the first recipe I picked out of the Skinnytaste Cookbook isn't on her blog so you'll just have to buy the cookbook if you want to make it... And you should buy it because two recipes in, I'm two for two. Yumm.

First on the docket: Aztec chicken, quinoa, and avocado soup. 


As I mentioned on Instagram, I don't think there are many sins of cooking but one is definitely forgetting the avocado! Especially when it's in the title of the recipe! I totally forgot the avocado when I made this soup for us for dinner but I think it worked out for the best. Maybe it was my subconscious evil plan all along... See, when I forgot to put it on our soup for dinner, I got to put the whole avocado on my bowl of soup for lunch the next day :D


This soup had a bit of everything in it and since it had meat, Justin was on board. We both really enjoyed it but there are a few things I'd do differently and one is definitely remembering the avocado. I also think that I'd use something a bit more substantial than quinoa, like maybe brown rice? And lastly I think I'd leave the corn out. Justin liked it and admittedly I'm just not that into corn unless it's on a cob, so maybe I'm biased and wrong. But maybe not! 

Regardless, this soup was tasty and even better the next day. Although I can't link directly to it, it's probably not feeling like winter in your neck of the woods around now anyways. But in case you're like me and love soup all year round, here's another recipe by the lovely Gina. 

Alright all, I'm off to Honolulu tomorrow morning for work, I know, rough life. So I may or may not be back this week but I do have another recipe to blog about and lots of food pics to post on Instagram so stay tuned there!