Adorable Baby Boutiques Part 2

Happy Thursday! The week has almost come to a close and I could not be more excited for the weekend - not only because my beautiful and amazing cousins are coming to visit but also because K will finally be home from work which means someone else will be around to hold this baby! Might not seem like a big deal to some, but what this means to me is: showering at a reasonable time, brushing my teeth at a reasonable time, and maybe even if I am lucky - eating at a reasonable time! Oh how my life has changed :)

Anyway - I know I promised P's birth story today, but sadly I am going to have to push that post out until I have more time to work on it. Until then, I have decided to stay consistent with the baby theme and share a part two of the Adorable Baby Boutiques you need to check out! Part one was Holiday themed, and while these boutiques are not seasonally themed you might just find a few adorable Valentine's day gifts! So wihout further ado...

Coco & Kiwi

Milkmaid Goods.jpg

And there you have it- a few more of my favorite baby boutiques that I have been obsessing over in this new phase of life called motherhood! I hope you enjoy and maybe find a few things that you love too!

Know of any other amazing stores that I need to check out? Let's hear them below!