The easiest freezer meals for new moms

We all have had friends who have babies and we want to go meet the baby but how do you show up empty handed? You know the new parents aren't cooking and their fridge is probably empty and they're probably craving a meal that doesn't include frozen pizza... but gosh it's a pain to make freezer meals! Right? 

Meh, it doesn't have to be! I've learned a few easy freezer meal recipes along the way and I found a few more to share with you via Pinterest today. So next time your friend has a baby, bring her one of these:

1. Ravioli

I'll be honest, this is my go-to. It is so simple to prepare and it's also really inexpensive. I buy a pack (or two) of ravioli in the refrigerated section at the grocery store and a big jar of whatever pasta sauce fancies me in the moment (usually the one on sale). Then I also buy one of those aluminium baking dishes and I'm on my way. I literally just throw in some ravioli, top with sauce and repeat until I've used up the two ingredients. Then I cover it and write in sharpie: "bake at 375 for 40 minutes or until warm". Done.

If you want to go really fancy with the baked ravioli you can try out Six Sisters' Stuff (relatively simple recipe!)

2. Meatloaf

I also love doing a meatloaf, I think they're easy, filling and will last for multiple meals. They're also easy to pair with whatever the new parents have in their pantry or fridge. A bag of salad? Done. Canned veggies? Sure. Mashed potatoes? the best. This recipe from One Hundred Dollars a Month is one of our favorites. 

3. Lasagna Roll Ups

I love making these at home and not freezing them but I can't imagine why they wouldn't be good as a freezer meal, too. Anything with pasta is generally pretty simple which is my recipe for success (see what I did there?) when preparing meals for others. I make a different version but this made-for-freezers version from The Pioneer Woman (my fav!!) looks awesome too! I love Ree and making these in smaller portions is genius; you could cover them for multiple nights!

4. Enchiladas! 

If you want to make sure they're getting enough protein you could make them enchiladas or (easier in my opinion...) an enchilada casserole. This one from Taste and Tell looks pretty delicious and not overly complicated. Along with the not so healthy ingredients, you will be filling your friend with beans, beef and some produce, so it could be worse! 

5. Broccoli, Chicken and Rice Casserole

This one can actually be relatively healthy and it's sure to be filling. With broccoli, chicken, and rice (did the title give that away?!), it's a meal that will freeze great and cook up relatively quickly. A lot of freezer meals take an hour plus in the oven or all day in the crock pot (which takes preemptive planning on the new mom's part), this one from Money Saving Mom takes 25-35 minutes in the oven and they have a full meal. 

What are some of your favorite freezer meals to bring to new moms? or do you go the route of, I'll pick something up for us to eat while I'm visiting? Because no shame, I've totally done that too! 

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