Boy Behind the Blog: Wedding Edition

I teased last week on Facebook that we were bringing Boy Behind the Blog back this week and today is THE DAY. Justin is such a trooper when it comes to the blog, he takes pictures for me and is willing to answer questions he doesn't care anything about so he can be featured on the blog :) 

Today's Boy Behind the Blog is focussing on our wedding details so he was extra thrilled to be answering these questions. That's a joke, he doesn't care much about the wedding planning, but he humored me!

  1. What part of the day are you most looking forward to?
    J: The actual ceremony, because then I'll be done with pictures pretty much and we'll be closer to dinner.
    S: So what he's really saying is the pictures are his least favorite part and dinner is what he's really looking forward to?! Here we come, Canlis!
  2. What do you wish Samantha would just shut up about regarding the wedding?
    J: She asked a lot of questions about dinner which I thought would be the easy part, but it’s all been easy. We aren’t doing any planning, thank goodness. At one point, I wished she would have shut up about the dress because she hadn’t found it yet, but I told her to chill and then what happened? She found it the next day.
    S: It's true, the dress was my biggest stressor of this process and I did complain a bit about not finding it day one and feeling like I was running out of time. He knew better.
  3. Is there anything you're going to miss since we aren't having a big wedding?
    J: No, I don’t want a wedding. Weddings are not for you, they’re for other people. He jokes that he’ll miss all the booze but we can drink anyways. Besides, it’s more fun to drink booze that are provided for you (like at other people’s weddings) rather than having to provide the booze yourself.
    S: I concur.
  4. What are you going to wear?
    J: Really?? A suit. A blue suit.
    S: He did not care to answer this question, he was like what is this, the red carpet, "oh, this is Armani" gesturing to what he's wearing. 
  5. What is your obsession with wearing a tie to the wedding?
    J: It’s the only time a suit looks put together. You can’t wear a suit without a tie, it looks silly.
    S: The only thing he's asked me continuously is what color and type of tie he should wear and it's literally the thing I care the least about. I have zero input to give because I
  6. How much input would you say you've had regarding the day?
    J: Very little.
    S: I feel like this is inaccurate. He got to help choose where we are staying, where we are doing dinner, he got to pick what he's wearing and really the only other details are the photographer and flowers...
  7. How many friends did you invite to your bachelor party?
    J: 24.
    S: I just had to ask this because it boggles my mind. I don't even have 24 girlfriends and he has so many friends that 24 were important enough to invite on a 4 day trip to Austin, it's so crazy to me! 

So there you have it, the BBTB (like that?) Wedding Edition! I promise to give some more details about our planning and what we're doing day of as the time goes one but for now, I'm off to catch a plane to NY for work. 

Have a great week, everyone!