How We Picked Our Wedding Date

If you've ever planned a wedding you know that a lot of logistical details can play into the date you ultimately end up picking for the special day. In other cases, you have a date in mind and you just make everything work with that. In our case, we didn't really have either. 

Samantha and Justin Engaged

I'm going to give you a glimpse into our plans and then I'll go into how we actually settled on a date (and what the date is!). 

First of all, we're not doing a traditional wedding. In fact, we're not doing a "wedding" at all. We're going to go down to the Seattle Municipal Courthouse and have a judge marry us with our parents and grandparents present. We decided on this for many reasons but basically, it boils down to this:

1. I didn't want the stress of planning a wedding (it would be huge)

2. We didn't want to spend the money on a wedding

That's it. Money and stress - we didn't want to deal with either so we just decided we would get married at a courthouse and call it a day. With that said, we still want it to be a special day and we want to remember it. Because of that, I got a dress, Justin will be getting a suit, we're having a photographer for the day to take pictures all over downtown and at the (very pretty) courthouse, we're staying in a hotel the night before and night of, and we're doing dinner at the fanciest restaurant in Seattle. Then we're spending the "wedding" money on an amazing trip to Europe for our Honeymoon. 

We're creating what is special and perfect for us and I really do recommend everyone try to figure out what that is for themselves and their relationship. No one is trying to convince us to have a big wedding (for the most part) and we don't have to worry about pleasing anyone except ourselves with our plans.

That leads me to how we picked our wedding date, which is August 9, 2017!

As you can imagine (if you take a minute to think about it), courthouses only do marriage ceremonies on weekdays - because judges only work on weekdays. We also learned that at our particular courthouse, Fridays cost twice as much (as in a whopping $200). That didn't really dissuade us, had we liked a date that fell on a Friday, we would have gone with it, but it was dually noted as we were thinking about dates.

I have always said that the most important things to me on our wedding day are my dress and pictures (and of course, ending up married at the end of the day). To do pictures all over downtown Seattle we really want good weather which means July or August for our best chance. All our "special" dates are in March, September or November, so those were out... Then I went to Google, trying to figure out if there was some type of equation I could use to pick the perfect wedding date. Turns out there's not, but it did lead me down the mind-path that led to our date!

I started looking at the calendar and saying dates out loud and rattling some off for Justin and that's when I realized that we could do a date that added up - in other words, June, 11th would be 6/11/17 and 6+11=17, easy to remember! I then started throwing dates around that would work like that and threw out 8/9/17 and realized I liked how that sounded... then I realized it was Justin's half birthday (happy slightly belated, babe!) and THEN a song that always makes me think of us started playing on my Pandora and that was it. I said well, I guess we're doing Wednesday, August 9th, 2017.

And that post just became incredibly long to basically tell you that we're nerds and our wedding date has no meaning other than that we thought it was kind of cool and easy to remember. How did you pick your wedding date?   

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