The one with the Engagement Story

I want to start this post out by saying THANK YOU to everyone who commented on social media platforms and took time to send us text messages of congratulations. It's been about two weeks and I am still over the moon excited to be engaged to this man!! 

Justin and Samantha Engagement

I want to then tell you that Justin told his brother he was proposing before the actual day came and his brother's response was "Awesome man, can't wait to read about it on the blog!" which Justin promptly responded to with "aw shit, this has to be blog worthy. I forgot about the blog". HA-HA Justin, so funny.

In all seriousness, though, it was more than blog-worthy and I'm here today to finally share the story with you! 

Justin planned a whole day of our "firsts" for me and it was so perfect. He took me to Cafe Ladro which is where we had our very first date and then we headed over to Whidbey Island, to Fort Casey where we had our first "adventure date". It was actually very sweet, we'd only hung out a couple times when Justin bought a new car and decided to plan a whole day trip to Whidbey. I look back so fondly on that day, we ran into his uncle on the ferry randomly, we spent the morning and afternoon at Fort Casey and got lunch over there, we headed back towards Seattle and stopped at his parents house to meet his entire family (on date three!), and then we hung out with his friends that evening. It was a marathon of a date but it was so much fun and something I look back on often.

Fort Casey Proposal

Fort Casey is where he actually proposed and he had his friends (one of whom takes AMAZING pictures) hiding out and they caught the whole thing on camera! In fact, they were about 30 yards away hiding when he proposed and somehow they even caught everything he said on video with her new iPhone! It's pretty amazing and I'm only a little embarrassed that I couldn't even get a "yes" out but rather a "mhmm!" when he asked me to marry him. And not because I was choked up, just because I was a bubbling fool.

Funny story, he then asked if I wanted to put the ring on and got a much more enthusiastic "MHMM" - which is also a little embarrassing looking back. 

Guys, it could not have been a more beautiful day and considering we'd been having temps in the teens it was a perfect 35 or so degrees. Even if the sun made pictures a bit tricky... we were kind of blinded...

Justin blinded by the sun fort casey lighthouse

After the proposal and some pictures, we went to the Diamond Knot brewery in Mukilteo to watch the Seahawks play the Atlanta Falcons. I'm glad I was distracted by my new bling and fiance status or I probably would have been really pissed about that game. 

We came home and walked the dog before heading to dinner at Serafina which is where we went on our first "fancy date" and gosh it was so delicious. Even better, we were old enough to order wine this time! 

Cheers with a ring

Overall, we had the most amazing day and I felt so special, loved and cherished which is exactly how I would have envisioned the day had I planned it myself. It couldn't have been a better day, and as I mentioned above, I am so excited to be marrying Justin!! 

Now for some more pictures :) 

Talk about a furrowed brow!! I'm not sure why he looks so concerned. LOL

Talk about a furrowed brow!! I'm not sure why he looks so concerned. LOL

With this ring ring dish kate spade
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