Stitch Fix Reveal #8

Woohoo, my Stitch Fix came early this month (as in, it comes every 28 or so days, meaning earlier every month, but it seemed extra early coming at the beginning of the month!). This was a great fix and every item I pulled out of the box I was like YES YES YES but alas, we're having a no spend month and even though I budgeted Stitch Fix in, I promised I would only keep items I was absolutely in love with. So a few things had to go back. 

Stitch Fix Reveal #8

Before we get started, here is a bit about Stitch Fix if you don't already know:

  1. It is a personal styling service in which you fill out a style profile, give them links to your Pinterest style board and leave notes for your stylist as regularly or irregularly as you'd like. 
  2. Your stylist takes the time to handpick 5 items for your fix that they think you'll love. These items vary from clothes to jewelry, scarves, purses and even shoes. For my Stitch Fixes I only ask for clothes because that is the area where I lack styling ability. 
  3. They ship you your fix, you receive it and have approximately 2 days to try everything on and decide if you love it or hate it. Then you send back what you don't want in a pre-paid envelope and keep the items you couldn't part with. 
  4. Last little details, Stitch Fix has a $20 fee for each fix sent to you. If you purchase any items the $20 goes towards your purchase and if you purchase all five items you get 25% off! You can get a Fix as often as you want. I am signed up to receive them monthly but I can turn that off at any time, set it up to send only when I request one or I could even bump it up to every two weeks (if only Justin wouldn't have a fit over that...).

Like I said, this fix was great but a few items were just slightly less than perfect once I tried them on and don't you worry, I'm going to share every little detail with you below! 

ailey 23 - Kerrigan 2fer Knit Dress
Medium - $78

Hailey 23 Kerrigan 2fer Knit Dress - Navy

I'm obsessed with this dress and I have to be honest, the picture doesn't do it justice. It's got lace/knit detail on the bottom half and the top is navy blue. It's the same fit as this other dress that I've worn several times from Stitch Fix and I just love it. This one is a bit fancier, not so much a work dress but a nicer dinner or wedding guest dress I think, but regardless, it went straight into the closet, the shape is so flattering! 

Edyson - Hampton Corduroy Skinny Jeans
Size 4 - $68

Edyson Hampton Corduroy Skinny Jean - burgundy
Edyson hampton corduroy skinny jean with boots - burgundy

Guys, this was the most depressing item in the box for me. I wanted these so bad, I had them pinned on my pinterest board and I was really hoping for some amazing burgundy skinnies to wear all Fall. These fit great, as in the size was correct, but they weren't skinny enough! You can't tell all that well in the images, but they weren't skinny below the knee so they bunched up at the knee with boots on and it made me want to cry ALL THE TEARS. They had to go back, but I requested another pair if they have a different brand :(

Market & Spruce - Cotulla Button Back Sweater
Small - $58

Market & Spruce Cotulla Button Back Sweater
Market & Spruce Cotulla Button Back Sweater Back

I was slightly hesitant on this one after trying it on because it's a bit baggy for my liking but both Justin and Nicole loved it so I figured I better keep it! I do love the fabric, elbow patches and button back! These are all elements I have on my Pinterest board so my stylist really paid attention and nailed it this time. Not to mention, it's crazy comfortable and will hide all those holiday treats I'm already preparing to eat. 

Daniel Rainn - Becru Lace Detail Blouse
Small - $68

Daniel Rainn Becru Lace Detail Blouse Front
Daniel Rainn Becru Lace Detail Blouse Back

I lied before when I said the skinnies were the biggest disappointment. This was. This shirt is GORGEOUS and I cut the tags off the second I tried it on, it was an absolute keep. And then I steamed it. And then it re-wrinkled before I could get downstairs to have Justin take these pictures. You guys, this shirt is amazing, beautiful, comfortable and the detail is exquisite but I kid you not, I steamed it to perfection, went and bent over to put my wedges on and when I stood up the whole middle was wrinkled again and I had to re-steam. Ain't nobody got time for that on a regular basis. But let's all cry tears of sadness that this beauty didn't work out.

Brixon Ivy - Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater
Small - $58

Brixon Ivy Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater
Brixon Ivy Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater Elbows

Well, damn. I had pinned this as well (like I said, stylist on point this month) but it was kind of itchy and I just didn't feel like it was all that special when I actually tried it on. You can see it above with the burgundy pants as well. Another time I may have kept this, but it just didn't seem worth it this time around.

If you haven't already... I strongly suggest you start Stitch Fix today, I can't speak highly enough of the service. My wardrobe is more stylish than I ever could have done shopping for myself. Not to mention, shopping is stressful and I kind of hate it...

What did you think of this months fix? Make sure to Pin your favorites! 

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