Blog Crush : But First, Coffee

Well another month has come and gone which means it's Blog Crush time again! I know I have said this before, but I love this series. Samantha and I did not come up with the idea of a blog, no no, we were inspired by the ones who walked before us and these posts allow us the time to say "thank you" to those who inspire us to keep going.

I initially was drawn to blogging because I wanted to learn how to cook, but as I have started to become more immersed in this community I have begun to develop an appreciate for other types of blogs - specifically lifestyle blogs. I love when I am able to read a post and feel like I am getting to know the blogger - the more I feel like I can hear the authors voice the better! Today's blogger is absolutely one of my favorite writers in the blog community - she is smart, she is funny, and she loves dogs and coffee... which basically already makes us best friends.

But First, Coffee

This picture was taken directly from the But First, Coffee About page

This picture was taken directly from the But First, Coffee About page

Kallie is her name and blogging is her game. Kallie, a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast, is a former English teacher who followed her passion for social media to a career in blogging. On her blog you will find posts ranging form beauty tips, fashion posts, DIY tutorials, life updates, and tips on how to improve your blog. Outside of being an all-star blogger, Kallie has a life of her own that includes shopping for beautiful lipsticks and nail polishes, spending time with her husband, and celebrating life as a dog mom (which as you know is definitely sometime I can connect with)! Oh and did I mention Kallie has her own YouTube channel? Well she does, and it is awesome and totally makes me want to start a YouTube channel of my own.. #bloggergoals

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Content aside, the thing I love the most about But First, Coffee is the fact that Kallie has been able to find and develop her personal voice so well throughout this space that you feel like you are getting to know her just a little more with every post. It is a breath of fresh air to read content that seems to be a happy mixture of optimistic energy, but honest and real when necessary. When I am feeling down about work or discourage with the blog, But First, Coffee is almost always one of the first stops on my road to recovery.

Alright people, I hope you take some time today to check out But First, Coffee and as for you Kallie, please keep on keeping on and know that there is a little blog out there that has a bi ol' crush on you!