A story of weightlifting

First things very first. Justin's sister made a pretty awesome and hilarious 4-minute video of our vacation last week and I for real LOL'd. Check it out here.

Happy Hump Day! Are you sick of me saying that every.single.Wednesday? Wednesdays are good days for me. I work from home, I usually have a light meeting schedule, I get a lot done for work and for the home if I'm being honest. I hit the gym, I do laundry and the dishes, I cook a good meal and this week it means it's my last day with J for the week as he goes out of town for a Bachelor party tomorrow. 

I probably shouldn't be happy about that last point, and if (and that's a big if) J is reading this, he's probably slightly surprised to read that, but I'm pretty excited to have the house to myself. Don't get me wrong, I obviously love when J is around but sometimes it's just nice to be alone. My introverted heart is practically jumping for joy. As are the 5lbs I gained on vacation - as I don't plan to change out of yoga pants for two whole days. Unfortunately, Saturday I have a wedding to go to and Sunday a Bachelorette party, so I can only be a scrub for two of the four days. Womp womp. 

And now I'm waaaay off topic. Although today's post does involve yoga pants, because what else would I wear to the gym?! So maybe I'm not too terribly off point? I digress, I totally am.

5 reasons I lift weights and you should too

Today we have the story of why I lift weights. It's not some involved epic story, but there are reasons behind it and getting ripped isn't really one of them. So I thought I would share my reasons with you and attempt to encourage you to lift weights at least as a supplemental activity to your regular workouts or cardio. 

My reasons for weightlifting:

  1. Tone! How does that saying go? Someone who is thin looks good in clothes, someone who is fit looks good naked!? It's the truth! I've been thin, I was very thin my entire life up until about 22 when the weight started packing on like a ton of bricks (literally, a ton). Looking great in clothes is AWESOME and was my initial goal when I started eating right and working out to lose weight, but now I just want to tone so that I have arms like Michelle Obama and look good naked. Because don't lie, you want to look good naked too!
  2. Calorie burn. When you have more muscle you burn more calories because your muscles use your food intake more efficiently. I want to eat more. Always. So I need to burn more calories and if I can do that with less cardio than I am one super happy camper.
  3. Bones. I hate milk. Always have and although my parents made me drink a glass of milk every night with dinner growing up (and I couldn't leave the table until I finished it) I'm still 100% positive I didn't drink enough. This means my bones are... hypothetically pretty pathetic. Weightlifting regularly can increase bone density and I just really don't want to be one of those old ladies that breaks a hip or a wrist every time they fall.
  4. Energy! It's not a secret that running on the cardio for 30 minutes will exhaust you. Sure you'll feel accomplished, but you'll also feel completely worn out. Unless you're a freak who likes running, in which case, we cannot be friends ;) - Contrary to cardio, weightlifting actually boosts the "feel good" chemicals in your brain and increases your energy level throughout the day. This isn't just immediately following your workout either, if you lift weights regularly you will have more energy
  5. Ward off depression. According to a Harvard study, lifting weights regularly can help ease or ward off depression. Women who weight lift regularly feel more confident, healthier, and overall more capable which helps improve  moods! We all know how prevalent depression can be in our 20's so anything that helps is great in my book!

And let's face it, ladies - you're not ever going to get bulky from weight lifting. You're going to get toned and there is a big difference. And I lied... if you want to be a bodybuilder and eat a million calories a day and drink tons of protein you could get bulky but just lifting weights to stay healthy without majorly supplementing that activity with other things isn't going to make you look manly. I promise. 

I personally think that toned and fit women look better than just skinny women do. I'd love for my arm to not only have no flab (ha, in an ideal world, right?) but also to actually have definition. 

Do you lift weights? Is there a particular reason besides that it helps you burn more fat? Do you feel the benefits on your mood and energy levels?

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