Blog Crush: Naptime Chai

It's that time again - no, not Stitch Fix, possibly even better, though! This is the day of the month that we dedicate completely to loving on other bloggers! Both Nicole and I read a ton of other blogs and there are so many great ones out there that we love to share them with our readers! Nicole loves a good food blog (hence our Tuesday posts!) as well as those fashion blogs that just won all the Bloglovin' awards, but me? I'm nearly 100% into the lifestyle blogs.

Blog Crush!

I love the blogs that share posts like I do, ones that tell me 10 ways to drink more water, or 5 ways to become a morning person (although, I've read dozens of ways to become a morning person and I still hate mornings just as much...). But I also love lifestyle blogs that are super personal like Mr. Thomas and Me and Just Go Left who we've featured here before. Today though, well, lately in general, I am really loving me some mommy bloggers. No intention of being a mommy myself but having nannied I just get a kick out of the mommy bloggers who are real on their blogs! 

Enter Naptime Chai (previously Two Martinis)

Lisa and her beautiful oldest daughter Clara (taken directly from her About page)

Lisa and her beautiful oldest daughter Clara (taken directly from her About page)

I absolutely love reading Lisa's posts. This is one of the few blogs that I never skip; if there is a new post - I am reading it! Lisa is hilarious in her very real stories of being a mommy to a newly 2-year-old and a 3-month-old, and honest about the struggles and blessings of motherhood. On top of that, she's honest about the struggles and blessings of marriage which I find so refreshing!

Don't get me wrong, Lisa isn't airing their dirty laundry on her blog, but she's not holding back regarding her own faults - because let's be real, we all have them! This week she wrote about how she wishes she was more empathetic towards her husband, Tim, when he gets sick but really, he needs to not get sick on the weekends when he's her lifeline (major SAHM status). I laughed out loud and totally related (in the, can you be a sick baby on a weekday when I'm not home to deal with you? kind of way - yupp, I'm awful). This is a regular occurrence for me, I relate to her posts much more frequently than not! 

Funny mommy stories can be found in spades on Lisa's blog but on occasion, and especially if you scroll back to pre-baby days, you can read all about everything from politics to religion, books, you name it. Lisa is seriously intelligent and I love reading her more serious posts as much as I love reading the humorous ones.

One of my favorite things that Lisa does on a relatively regular basis is share links and articles from around the web. I don't generally see the point in someone just giving a bullet pointed list of "article on the debate last night", "Louisiana flood details", I want the bloggers feedback and opinions and Lisa is SO great at giving just enough of her opinions when she shares these links and like I said - she's one smart cookie so I feel like I'm learning something when I read her blog on these days. 

Like I said, Naptime Chai is one of my favorite go-to-every-day-reads blogs and I strongly encourage you to hop over and check her out. Like now. And then share her blog with your other blog loving friends!

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