Baby D's Future Nursery

You’re about to be extremely impressed. Wow'ed even. Amazed might be the word that comes to mind. You are about to have your minds BLOWN because today I am sharing with you all.... my Pinterest Nursery!

Okay so a Pinterest nursery is not THAT amazing, but hear me out! K & I have decided to build a house in the Seattle area, which means it will sadly not be ready until after baby D has made his grand appearance. This also means I will not have any space to nest in, which is becoming painful at this point because all I want to do it get my home ready for this bundle of joy, but honestly, what is the point of getting a room ready if we are just going to have to take it down and move? So when you boil this all down, essentially you get a crazy pregnant lady obsessed with Pinterest!

The Overall Theme

When designing this space, I wanted to incorporate things that K & I love and that brought us together as a couple. We both love the outdoors, but what really has tied us together in the beginning and now is our love for Montana, so we decided a mountain theme for the nursery seemed the most fitting. We knew we wanted to include a lot of neutral colors and earth tones, not only because that is what our entire house is covered in, but also because we want to keep things as gender neutral as possible for future babies!

Wall Décor

We really wanted to rely heavily on the wall décor to bring our the mountain theme of this nursery. We both love geometric shapes, which adds a beautiful modern feel BUT there is still a huge side of my that is dying to include a little bohemian flair, so we were able to compromise on a feather mobile. It's all about compromise....

Crib and Bedding Decor

As for the bedding, my biggest concern here is making everything is all organic, but in a perfect world I would be able to find all the most adorable bedding (like the crib bedding above) that accents the theme and the geometric shapes. As for the crib, neutral colors again. You really cannot go wrong with brown, in my opinion. But if we were to go a little crazy with anything in the room, it would be to add a splash of color with the changing table, but that is still TBD at this point...

Accent Furniture

And lastly, we have the accent furniture! I KNOW I want a super comfortable chair and ottoman that I can be comfortable snuggling with baby D on, nursing him in, and potentially napping on if I am too tired to walk back to my own bed after late night feedings. A few other must have's include: large area rug (I have had too many friends share horror stories of how their infants have had a blow out and ruined their carpeting) and a cute way to display baby books. I LOVE this wagon idea, but I am not sure it connects with the entire theme yet.

Alright, well there you have it! Baby D's Pinterest Nursery. Soon I am going to start sharing with you Baby D's infant style, but if you are interested you can take a sneak peak here.