Stitch Fix Reveal #7

Woop, it's Friday and even more important, it's STITCH FIX FRIDAY! My favorite Friday of all. I honestly just do not have the mental capacity to type out a blog post today, especially after editing pictures, so I'm just going to jump right into it.

Stitch Fix Reveal #7

Before we get started, here is a bit about Stitch Fix if you don't already know:

  1. It is a personal styling service in which you fill out a style profile, give them links to your Pinterest style board and leave notes for your stylist as regularly or irregularly as you'd like. 
  2. Your stylist takes the time to handpick 5 items for your fix that they think you'll love. These items vary from clothes to jewelry, scarves, purses and even shoes. For my Stitch Fixes I only ask for clothes because that is the area where I lack styling ability. 
  3. They ship you your fix, you receive it and have approximately 2 days to try everything on and decide if you love it or hate it. Then you send back what you don't want in a pre-paid envelope and keep the items you couldn't part with. 
  4. Last little details, Stitch Fix has a $20 fee for each fix sent to you. If you purchase any items the $20 goes towards your purchase and if you purchase all five items you get 25% off! You can get a Fix as often as you want. I am signed up to receive them monthly but I can turn that off at any time, set it up to send only when I request one or I could even bump it up to every two weeks (if only Justin wouldn't have a fit over that...).

This fix was... interesting. In the little note, my stylist always writes me she said something about how she "noticed I liked pink so she included a few pink items"... but I hate pink, I don't wear pink. The two pink Items I own are Stitch Fix and I've worn them each once. But alas, I didn't have it marked in my profile not to send me pink so I shouldn't really complain. Other than all the pink, the fix was good!

And on the note of editing the pictures. I don't know what in the actual F happened to these photos. They looked fine on my camera and then BAM the below is what loaded onto my computer. I considered not posting them at all but then what kind of blogger would I be? Not only one with bad photography timer skills, but one who didn't even bother to post the bad photos. And that is the type of blogger I am just not. So forgive the blur, hopefully you can see the outfits kinda sorta.

41Hawthorn - Rebeka Dress
Medium - $78

41Hawthorn Rebeka Dress

Here's what this dress really looks like - minus the extreme blur. It's got some cute ruffling on the top and I actually did really like this. The skirt was pretty stiff and overall it just came down to the fact that I don't have many places to wear this. However, I didn't dislike it and had it come in a fix where the items I did choose to keep weren't so expensive, I probably would have kept it.

Collective Concepts - Sofia Dress
Medium - $88

Collective Concepts Sofia Dress - Navy

I am soooo glad I kept this dress. I was on the fence about it at the beginning because I just didn't think it was all that flattering, but goodness gracious it's comfortable and I can unbutton the top enough for it to be pretty sexy if I want. So this was a keeper! 

Collective Concepts Sofia Dress - Navy 2

Market & Spruce - Henra Lace Detail Knit Top
Small - $54

Market & Spruce Henra Lace Detail Knit Top - Pink

Yea that's going to be a hard no. Like I said - not a lover of all things (or any things) pink. You can see what the top is really supposed to look like here. I also just think the fit is unflattering with a larger bust. I also LOVE lace on like a dress or something but this lace was thin and it was just all around not a very pretty piece.

Skies are Blue - Cabren Crochet Detail Knit Top
Small - $48

Skies are Blue Cabren Crochet Detail Knit Top Pink

Of course, another terrible top is one of the pictures that turned out. This top was terrible. It was thin, a bit see through and HOT f*ing pink. No, straight back it went. If I didn't have to take pictures for this blog I wouldn't have even tried this or the pink tank top on.

Loveappella - Ginger Quilted Shoulder Knit Top
Small - $54

Loveappella Ginger Quilted Shoulder Knit Top

And then there was redemption! This top is the bees knees. I thought that my top from last months fix with the bow back was the softest, most comfortable, most amazing top ever but NOPE, it's this one. The shoulders are QUILTED like, stitched to look kind of like a quilt, the sleeves are pink but it's a touch of pink, not an explosion of pink and then the main part of the shirt is navy and I just can't turn down Navy. Especially when it's this soft and amazing and I got a million compliments on it when I wore it yesterday. Winning.

If you haven't already... I strongly suggest you start Stitch Fix today, I can't speak highly enough of the service. My wardrobe is more stylish than I ever could have done shopping for myself. Not to mention, shopping is stressful and I kind of hate it...

So there you have it, my August Stitch Fix. What did you think??? Besides my horrendous photos... should I have kept that black and white dress? Obviously not the pink shirts.

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