Blog Crush - Happy Friday!

Hi all, happy Friday! YAY!

You may have seen Nicole's post last week on our 6 month blog anniversary where she laid out our hopes and dreams and aspirations for this little space here on the interwebs. You may have read into that a bit, or maybe you're just super astute and noticed that we no longer post on Saturday's. It turns out that blogging 6 days a week, even split between two people is hard. 

Because we no longer blog on Saturdays but loved some of our Saturday Series, we decided to move Blog Crush to the third Friday of every month, rather than the third Saturday. 

Hey, the third Friday is today! 

Too bad I'm a terrible blogger and didn't get a blog crush written! Thankfully, Nicole is awesome and came up with the idea to share out our Blog Crush series page, the individual posts, and our Blog Roll page. 

So, here are a bunch of Blog Crush posts that go over why we love these blogs and bloggers - besides the obvious fact that they're freaking amazing - so make sure you check them out!

Also, check out our Blog Roll because after today it's going to be a shorter list, today is your last chance to see all our favorite blogs listed in one place and find some new inspiration and reading material! 

A Beautiful Mess

Just Go Left

Thrifts and Threads

Camp Patton

Love & Lemons

And lastly - visit our Blog Crush page to see all of these too! 

To all you awesome bloggers out there, thanks for consistently inspiring us to write and share our stories with the internet world!

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