10 Ways to Style Your White Jeans Look This Spring

Like most people, I feel like my personal style is a work in progress - I am always trying out new pieces to see what works on me and what does not, but there has been a recent addition to my closet in the past year that I just need to talk about today:

White Jeans.

For the longest time I thought that I would NEVER be able to pull off white jeans. I am not knocking myself by any means, but I got hips, thighs and a big ol' booty - so white jeans just seemed like they would draw too much attention to my voluptuous areas. However, last year when I was looking for an outfit for K & I's engagement pictures I was literally forced to try on a pair of white jeans by a lovely (and confident) sales woman. The result - a new obsession! Since this time, I have tried countless looks with my white jeans and I am SO excited that it is spring again so I can breakout my old friends.

Before we get started in today's post I have to say I am always shocked by the number of comments I get when I wear my white jeans, the most popular of which being "how do you wear white jeans?" to which I always giggle and respond with something along the lines of "Simply put - one leg at a time." White jeans are the most versatile pants in my wardrobe. I can dress them up or down with a simple shoe change or jewelry swap. This is why today I have compiled 10 of my favorite white jeans looks to help inspire you to breakout your white jeans this spring! AND as an added bonus you can find all of these looks on our Pinterest Board Style | White Jeans.

#1 ) White Jeans with a pop of color

I am biased, but I loved this look for our engagement pictures. Light white jeans with a pop of color!

#2) Neutral Sweater and Chunky Jewelry

This look is perfect for the early months of spring because let's be real, April may looks like spring and sometimes it feels like spring but other times its windy and a tad too chilly for those cute sheer tops and short sleeves. This outfit hits all of the major areas: its bright, its airy, but it's also secretly cozy and warm!

#3) Layering with a Jean Jacket

I love this combination of light pants with a bold jean jacket. To me this look says effortlessly chic (which is absolutely the style I strive for in my everyday life).  This is also a FABULOUS outfit for early spring - you can layer under that jean jacket, but still look in season with your bright white pants!

#4) White Jeans & Chuck Taylors

Fact: I have big plans for wearing this combination next time K and I leave the house to see people! You laugh, but it is as rare of an occasion as we are making it sound. I digress… I love this look! Cozy, comfortable, but bold! It's tom-boy chic :)

#5) Neutral Top & a Statement Hat

 Something you may not know about me, I am obsessed with hats. I have two full bins of different kinds of hats in my closet and I am always looking for a way to pull one into an outfit. This combination of the neutral top and straw fedora is just all too perfect in my eyes. I could totally see myself rocking this the day after a wedding when I am hung over but still need to look good while I say goodbye to everyone, heading to a BBQ, or even on days where I am walking around Pike Place in Seattle. The options are endless.

#6) Flowy Bold Top

The flowy bold top is the perfect way to dress up your white jeans. I especially love this combination of the off-the-shoulder look with the flora top - it is a bright springy combination that is sure to turn heads!

#7) Casual Tank and Heels

Best thing about white jeans - they will adapt to whatever look you are going for. You saw a slew of casual outfits above, but check this out...same white jeans, flowy casual tank top, and heels and BAM you are ready for a night out. Sometime the most simple of outfits make the loudest noise.

#8) Scarf and Neural Top

As mentioned earlier, Spring is a little unpredictable in the weather department so a beautiful statement scarf is the perfect way to layer up your look while still maintaining that fun, light, and bright look!

#9) I woke up like this

We have all been there - they days where you just want to stay in your PJs all day. Well fortunately for you, white jeans are here to save the day. Again. We have seen what they look good with (basically everything) and now they do it again with the effortless style of a boyfriend tank, capris, and tennis shoes. Really people - what can't white jeans do?!

#10) Boyfriend Jeans

I would be remiss if I did not bring up the trend that I am trying to take on next. White boyfriend jeans. This is the look that says "I am so confident in my body and my look that I do not need to show off one single curve". I want that look. This might be the only white jeans look that will be hard to pull off for a curvy lady such as myself, but as I have learned over the past year - never judge a book by its cover.

Alright people - there you have it! My top 10 favorite white jeans looks! I hope you are feeling inspired enough to try out these versatile pants no matter kind of body you have because trust me, if I can do you, you can do it!