My Favorite Weekend Outfits

Plain and simple, my main concern with weekend attire is that I'm comfortable. I know these are the nights to go out and party it up and have a great time, but I'm NOT going to have a great time if I'm in heels that kill my feet and jeans that are too tight... I mean how am I supposed to drink beer all night if my jeans are already too tight around the waste?

Nope, not going to happen.

So today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite, go-to weekend outfits. They're simple, comfortable and fine for hanging out with friends at BBQs or going out to bars (notice I did not say clubs).

Weekend Outfit #1

Weekend Outfit, Jeans & Cut Out top

So, these are the most amazing capris I've ever owned. It doesn't hurt that on that particular day I put them on and they fit comfortably for the first time in probably 6 years. I bought these way back when I spent money frivolously and they're Citizens of Humanity and I'm not going to lie, they're amazing. If you want to spend $200 on a pair of jeans, you can find similar ones here. The top is Ann Taylor - clearance. I couldn't find one comparable but it's got cut-outs, rolled sleeves and it's longer in the back. It WAS longer in the front too, until I shrank it. Oops! The shoes have been mentioned before, heaven on your toesies. 

Weekend Outfit black jeans leopard print blouse

Sorry guys, these are not amazing pictures. I'll try harder next time :)

This outfit is also super comfy. The jeans I got from Stitch Fix, they're the perfect length and just stretchy enough to be uber comfortable but also flattering. You can buy them here. The blouse is also Stitch Fix from about a year and a half ago, it's leopard print and loose, who doesn't love leopard print and loose? And the shoes we've already discussed.

Weekend outfit, cut out shoulder blouse and jeans

A whole Stitch Fix outfit! What a surprise. These jeans are heaven. They're Level 99 and you can find them here (please note, I didn't pay that for them...). They're mid rise, suck everything in on those days where I'm not feeling so great, perfect amount of stretch and they've lasted for a good long time now without any fading or stretching! The blouse is very possibly my very favorite Stitch Fix find yet. Granted, it's about two sizes too large now, but I still rock it regularly. The blouse is THML and you have to have an account to see anything on their website, which I don't - but I do love this top! The cut outs on the shoulder with the orange detail, and the pattern and ugh, amazing. The shoes are amazing too, Lucky Brand and Nordy's doesn't have them anymore (ALL THE TEARS). 

So, those are my weekend outfits!

What are some of your favorite weekend pieces? Are you a dress up in heels and a dress kind of girl, I'm clearly not. My priority is comfort, what about yours?

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