Bananas Grooming Karma

It is no secret, I have a naughty puppy. She is a ball of energy constantly on the lookout for mischief. By the ripe age of three the highlights of her resume include:

  • Petco puppy school – Failed & encouraged to seek professional guidance
  • Private two week doggy boot camp – Failed and required the use of extreme measures
  • Doggy Daycare – Expelled from 3 different facilities

This past January I got the call. The call I had been dreading for years. The call that would leave me with no other option than to take measures into my own hands.

Bananas had been banned from her fourth grooming salon.

The first three salons were not as shocking – they were pretty high and mighty – the kind places where the Kardashians would take their dogs if they lived in the Pacific Northwest. One by one Bananas pushed each groomer past their breaking point, usually averaging 3 visits per salon. Each salon offered a plethora of reasons as to why Bananas was not welcome back: “she bites – we do not work with biters”, “I cannot find one groomer who is willing to work with her anymore”, and my personal favorite “she just has a bad attitude”.

When I finally made the decision to find a more rough and tumble facility I thought my troubles were over, but like so many others they could not live up to the challenge. You cannot imagine the embarrassment of walking out of a janky back-alley (certainly not up to code) grooming salon after being told that dealing with your 10 lbs Yorkie was not worth the business… ouch.

So what’s a girl to do? Summer is upon us and Bananas is beginning to resemble a baby Sasquatch. That is when it hit me – I have a pair of scissors…

The end result can be summarized in two words: Chunky Layers.

Sorry little girl, looks like we will have to forgo the pageant this month.