Things to Expect When You Live With A Boy

I don't think it's a secret around these parts that both Nicole and I live with our significant others. Hashtag living in sin.

Granted, Nicole is about to be married, which I am not, but that's beside the point. We both waited to move in with our significant others until we'd been together for years, but that doesn't mean it wasn't an adjustment!

Today is all about the things we've learned to expect when living with a boy.

  1. Those left overs you have in the fridge, they will not be there when you go to eat them tomorrow as boy will have already eaten them or taken them to work with him.
  2. Speaking of food, are you trying to eat well and it's making you cranky? You can count on boy to bring home ice cream thinking it will make you feel better, and then you'll cry a little bit when you eat the whole pint. Welp, there goes that diet.
  3. There is never, will never, be enough closet space. Don't let him lie to you, he has a lot of clothes and most likely, a lot of shoes too.
  4. "His side of the bed" is very much the entire bed. Not only does Justin usually sleep smack dab in the center of our queen sized bed, but if I get up first, he is undoubtedly spread diagonally across the bed (head on my pillow) when I come out of the bathroom after my shower. 
  5. I've come to know that Justin does not want to kill the spiders any more than I do. Unless the thing is really big and fast and sketchy as F - I just kill it myself.
  6. They do have the softest shirts and you will wear them to bed probably more often than your lackluster cotton shirts.
  7. Speaking of laundry, they either give zero shits, or legitimately don't want you touching their laundry, because everyone has their own weird laundry sorting habits.
  8. Cupboards and drawers will never be closed again.  Apparently that's too much work. Prepare to hit your knees and hips on open drawers.
  9. And then expect that they will be totally in awe of how easily you bruise when walking into those drawers. They just don't get it.
  10. There will never be enough food in the house, especially of the snacking variety. You will become a "mom" in the sense that you will constantly get the "what is there to eat? What can I eat? What do we have to eat?" questions.
  11. They drink out of several different glasses a day and never load them into the dishwasher.
  12. On a happy note, the furniture assembly falls to them :D
  13. And lastly, they do not get rid of anyyyythinnnnng. Really, every time you move you will get rid of bags and bags of clothes and other items. They will not. Period. They won't get rid of anything, ever. 

Most importantly you learn to miss them when they're gone and love on them when they're home. You want to cook delicious healthy dinners and you worry whether or not they got enough. You stop using a top sheet because they don't like them or see the point and you take deep breaths when the towels don't get folded quite right before they're put in the newly organized linen closet. You learn to expect the ups and downs and you learn to enjoy both.

Do you live with a boy? What are some of the things you learned very quickly when you first moved in with your guy?