How to Escape the February Funk

Yesterday, Nicole wrote about some super foods that are sure to help cheer you up when you are feeling down. Today I'm following up by writing about some other things that may, or may not, help you kick your cranky attitude to the curb this February.

Disclaimer, I am not at all qualified to write about how to escape the dreaded, horrible, no good, very bad month that is February. I am not a winter person, not because of the cold, or even because of the gray here in Seattle, just because... I'm not. December is my worst month, January is like meh, and then February rolls around and I'm like for the love of God I need a vacation! 

This might look downright toasty to some of you right about now, and I admit that it's certainly not the coldest February we've had around here (I'm looking at you 2014 and your 25 degree average), but that doesn't mean it's not dreary! It's gray and it's wet and everyone is sick and please stop coughing on me! Ain't nobody got time for this ish.

Although it's still the shortest month of the year, we have 29 long days this year (ha, or short because let's be honest, it doesn't get light until 8am here this time of year and the sun is scheduled to set at 5:13pm today (and that's late for this time of year!)). Thanks leap year, THANKS A LOT. So here are some ways I'm trying to combat the February Funk, maybe you should try these too.

  1. Hit the gym
    Hypothetically all the resolutioners are gone, right? Right. So hit up the gym, get some endorphins flowing, go for a run (on a treadmill, obvs), make yourself feel a little better about all those winter pounds you possibly packed on (oh, just me?) and get started on your way back to a happier and healthier you. 
  2. Cuddle
    I mean you can totally cuddle for warmth if you need that where you are, but I'm all about cuddling for the sheer oxytocin it releases and the happiness that wonderful natural drug brings. Plus cuddling also helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better and it's always dark here right now so SLEEP I WILL.
  3. Get off your computer. Or your phone. Or your tablet. No seriously, GET OFF.
    I'm really not one to talk, as I write this post and hope you'll sit on your devices and read it. HOWEVER, I am trying to make an effort to get outside, walk the dog even if it's raining, find the shiny gray sky and squint real hard to pretend like it's sunshine. The more you stare at a screen the less you are experiencing this season of your life, and if that won't put you in a funk I just do not know what will.
  4. Make a to-do list
    I know most of us bloggers have lists upon lists upon lists and they help us stay organized. You know what else they help us do? THINGS. They help us literally accomplish tasks, make a list and you're more likely to do the items on that list then sit around and binge on Netflix. (If you need a good Netflix binge though, and don't we all, here is the list of shows that were added this month. Hip hip hooray!)
  5. Skip Valentines Day
    No, I'm not kidding and no, I'm not suddenly single. I've never been a big fan, I have no interest in spending a gazillion times a reasonable amount of money on flowers simply because it's February 14th (and when I said "I have no interest" I mean Justin has no interest and I support that fully), and why do I have to have one special day where I show Justin I love him more? I always love him. So, we will be making dinner together and that's the extent of this holiday for us each and every year. If you're single or if you're taken, if this isn't your favorite holiday, just freaking skip it. Seriously.
  6. Revisit those resolutions
    Ignore the fact that I didn't set resolutions, I'm abundantly qualified to tell you to stick to yours! Look back and re-establish a routine to accomplish your goals. You set them for a reason, now remember those reasons and tackle your goals head on. I mean shit, what else are you doing this month? 
  7. Stay hydrated
    Just because it's cold doesn't mean you don't need to drink your water! You will still get dehydrated in the winter! Maybe swap your water bottle for a large mug of tea, tea is made from water - it counts! 

These are all the ways I plan to beat the February Funk this year. It starts with cuddling Oliver, which is what I'm going to go do now, because who doesn't want to cuddle their dog when it's so dang miserable outside? 

How do you plan to make it through the February Funk? Are you one of those crazy lucky people that isn't wanting to rip their hair out and go on a freaking vacation to the Caribbean right now? Please tell me how you do it!