The most comfortable *and stylish* shoes I own!

Happy Hump Day! Can you believe we're only 18 days from Christmas?! It's insane! I've been pretty busy at work but I promise you, I found time to decorate, shop and wrap presents in the last couple weeks and I'm pretty proud of myself. However - I've failed miserably at receiving gifts this year and shipping has kind of been my nemesis. 

It all started with my birthday when Justin bought me a blue Seahawks jersey and I really wanted a gray. He was great and we just ordered another in gray and I'm super happy with it BUT, I took the return label out of the original package, and sent the blue one back... no problem right? Well, I didn't actually go into his account and activate the return, so he still hasn't gotten his money back. FAIL.

THEN, on cyber Monday I ordered myself a large second monitor for my office... and lo-and-behold, Justin ordered me one too. I called Amazon to cancel mine, but it had already been sent for processing (shipment) but they said they'd intercept it AND the gift I'd ordered for Justin that was supposedly coming in the same package and I wouldn't be charged because they wouldn't actually be shipped. Ha. I went on and ordered another of the gift for Justin, thinking the first wouldn't come... but no no, everything arrived two days later and I had to go through the hassle of returning the items, I also had to call amazon because they wanted to charge me $17 for the return! 

The saga goes on, I've had a few more shipping blunders, a few packages have shown up at the house that both Justin and I bought for myself... basically, I've been a terrible Christmas receiver this year and it isn't even Christmas :(


Onto today's post. We did a ton of gift guides the last couple weeks but I thought I'd go ahead and write about my favorite shoes today. I've got four pairs of shoes that I basically wear on repeat this time of year (well, 6 if you count that I have two of the pairs in two colors), and they'd make great gifts for a friend, loved one, or heck, for yourself! Without further ado, considering this post has already gotten significantly longer than I had planned...

4 of the most comfortable pairs of shoes ever

TOMS Desert Wedge Bootie

I freaking LOVE these shoes. I have them in gray and army green and I gotta tell you, they're some of the most comfortable wedges I've ever owned in my life. I sprayed them with some suede protector for the weather here and I've worn them at least a few times a week since. I honestly can't believe I put off purchasing them for so long.

Sam Edelman Penny Boot

These boots actually became my favorite two winters ago when I bought the black pair for myself. Since then I've also acquired a brown pair like pictured. I would say, I don't think I have particularly large calves, but the not wide-calf is kind of tight with jeans. I wear my black ones with dresses, yoga pants, etc. all the time but when I'm in jeans, I usually opt for my wide-calf brown ones. SO COMFY.

Sam Edelman Felicia Flat

One cannot rock boots and booties every day, even in the winter, so these flats come in super handy when I'm wearing cropped skinnies or ankle slacks or a bunch of other things. If you can't tell, I'm a big fan of Sam Edelman shoes, I think I bought these almost two years ago and they're still in perfect condition. I have them in black leather but am seriously considering getting some more in a fun color! 

Hinge Canton Over the Knee Boot

LOVE LOVE LOVE these leather over the knee boots. Like, I'm obsessed. This is actually a Nordstrom brand but they were surprisingly affordable and they are ridiculously comfortable. I wear them with dresses, occasionally with jeans like pictured above and definitely with yoga pants. I even requested my Stitch Fix stylist send me another dress I could wear with these beauties so stay tuned for that on Friday! 

I also love me some Vans tennis shoes, anything Nike and for awhile I was on a huge TOMS kick (just the classic flats), but that's passed a bit. 

What are some of your favorite shoes? Any brands that stand out as the most comfortable of them all?

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