Currently in Samantha's World: December Edition

Ah! Is it seriously December already? I usually make a valiant and successful effort to be done Christmas shopping by my birthday, which is mid-November but the last month has just really slipped away from me. I've gotten most of Justin's gifts and I've grabbed two of the three white elephant gifts I'm participating it but that's it! No family gifts yet, no gifts for friends, I still have so much to do and so little time. 

I hope you're either comfortably done shopping and just have wrapping to do, or alternatively, you prefer to shop right up to the last second, like Justin, who is ironically finished...

So because of this current season, and because I traveled home from visiting my aunt yesterday in just enough time to watch the Hawks slaughter Carolina... Today is going to be a currently post! Yay! 

Currently in Samantha's World

Currently I am:

Celebrating: FOOTBALL. The Hawks won, as I mentioned, but even more exciting? The UW Huskies dominated the Colorado Buffaloes (which I still think should be Buffalo, as that's the plural of Buffalo, but people keep correcting me?!). When we won that game Friday night us it put us securely in fourth place which got us into the college PLAYOFFS! I don't actually remember the last time the huskies made it this far Pac12 Champions and going to the playoffs to play Bama (gulp).

Listening: to a lot of ESPN and HGTV in the background while getting things done. I'm sorry to all you Christmas fanatics, I pretty much only so Christmas tunes while decorating and then while driving place to place on the actual holiday. 

Watching:  all the popular Fall shows as well as a lot of football but also! This last week in AZ I discovered Pure Genius which I thought was really fun and enjoyed, so I'll probably start watching that too. 

Also watching... THE GILMORE GIRLS. Guys, Rory?! Seriously?!?!? Can we not be a girl who sleeps with other women's fiancΓ©s like it's nbd?! Ugh. Even with Rory being a bit lost, morally, some friends and I got together as Honorary Gilmore Girls to watch all four episodes and celebrate two of our birthdays, it true Gilmore Girl fashion. We dressed up, we ordered chinese AND pizza. And we had birthday cake and some delicious version of Founders' Day Punch. It was pretty amazing.

Honorary Gilmore GIrl

Reading: since I've been traveling I ready TWO books this week, which is a lot for me. I read the Fixer Upper book by Chip and Joanna Gaines, it was fun and an easy read. Certainly not earth shattering or anything but I did learn a lot about them, if you're into celebrity autobiography type books I'd recommend this one. 

I also read Love Warrior: A Memoir which was on the Oprah Book Club list I guess?! It was good, it was heavy and it was full of revelations. I enjoyed it and read it in a day so I'd recommend this one too but be warned, this isn't exactly an uplifting story. 

Eating: too much. It's as simple as that, I've been eating everything and I need to reign it in. I'm all about not depriving myself but it's gotten a bit out of control.

Looking forward to: Nicole's baby to arrive!!! She is convinced he'll be late but he's due in 12 days so he could come anytime! 

Wanting: time to try on and photograph my new Stitch Fix that's sitting on my kitchen island in its box! Fun fact, Stitch Fix has great customer service. My fix was supposed to arrive last Saturday when I was in town but it got delayed due to the holiday, I just emailed them and since they'd shipped it already (to arrive while I was out of town) the extended my three-day return window! No problem whatsoever which was very nice of them. Stitch Fix coming your way this Friday!  

Enjoying: our holiday decor! I've never, ever had the desire to decorate the day after Thanksgiving but this year I went a litttttle crazy and bought all new decor and was super excited to get everything gold, silver, red and sparkly up and we've really been enjoying it ever since! Maybe I'll bring you a decor post on Wednesday to show it off!  

Holiday Decor

And there you have it! A list of what's going on in my life currently. I hope you're all having a fabulous December so far and are looking forward to the holidays!  

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