New Year New You Fitness Challenge AND Blogiversary!

Happy 2017!! It's bound to be better than 2016 so I just keep looking up :D The best news of 2017 so far!? Baby Boy FINALLY arrived late last Thursday night. January 5th is certainly a day that Nicole will never forget and I (the non-mom) am already so in love with the little guy! I'm going to let Nicole do the real announcement with all the fun facts and tidbits, but everyone is healthy and very, very happy! 


It's our one-year blogiversary today, guys! We started this blog well over a year ago and poured ourselves into getting it ready for launch on January 9th, 2016 and now it's been an entire year since that day! It's crazy to think of how far we've come and how far we still want to go. Thank you all for your support over the last year. We love interacting on our social platforms and reading your comments here and mostly, reading all your wonderful blogs! We can't wait to fill the next year with interesting content as well! 

Moving on to today's post...

Once upon a time I wrote about how Justin and I were going to participate in a Couple's Fitness Challenge. From November 7th to January 6th we were both to complete 1,800 minutes of fitness and whoever completed less had to take the other out to a nice dinner. Of course, this only happens if we both reach 1,800 minutes, as the goal was to motivate each other. 

I'm suuuuuuper proud (oh the sarcasm!) to say that neither of us reached 1,800 minutes and I really didn't even come close. We tracked our minutes on a printed spreadsheet on our pantry door and Justin loyally dedicated himself and went to the gym at least a few times a week for the entire 60 days. I did not. I think my last trip to the gym was December 2nd when actually, I went for a run in AZ and a coyote joined me. 

I did continue to eat well, but my tummy and thighs are still nice and squishy thanks to my lack of exercise. 

So TODAY I'm here to devise a new workout plan because these efforts in the past have worked SO WELL. I'm generally very good at conquering challenges, so even I was a bit surprised to fail the 1,800-minute challenge, don't fret, that doesn't mean I won't create another challenge! 

Or, at least, I'm more than willing to steal a fitness challenge from Pinterest and share it with you and tackle it at home to avoid the new-year-new-you-gym-resolutioner-hell. Like that?

My main goal isn't to lose weight, but to tone up, so this challenge is good for me, it's got a lot of body weight exercises and built in rest days. I will be adding cardio here and there (we have a little gym in our community with a treadmill and elliptical). Let's be real, though, this didn't start ON January 1st. That's would be a bit ambitious I think. Instead, I'm starting today, Monday the 9th (although I have hit the gym twice and ran on the treadmill at the treadmill and I am soooore). Here's the image I found on Pinterest that I'm going to follow to a jagged T (because no one is perfect). 

The challenge is from Emily Cole. The Pinterest image doesn't take me anywhere but with a little searching, I found her! 

The challenge is from Emily Cole. The Pinterest image doesn't take me anywhere but with a little searching, I found her

On the Vitality Magazine website, they've got the above infographic as well as videos and how-tos for each move. That will become my bible this month. 

Are you ready to get back in the routine of exercise now that it's a new year and the holidays are over? I never have too much trouble eating healthy during the holidays but the schedule kicks my butt (and unfortunately, not into shape). 

Let me know if you want to join in on the challenge and we can support each other! I'd also love links to other challenges and to hear all about what you plan to do to get back in shape this year! 

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