Nicole's Guide to the Most Delicious Gifts this Holiday Season

Before I dive into today's post I am just going to go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room... and by elephant in the room I mean the subject that everyone is terrified to talk to me due date has come and gone and I am still pregnant. I know that due dates are very arbitrary and babies will come when they are ready, but after spending NINE MONTHS counting down to this ONE DAY it is a real heartbreak when NOTHING happens. I might not have cried yesterday, but I was in the foulest of foul moods - I do feel a little bad today, but then again, I am now officially overdue so I am going to operate under the assumption that I get a pass this year :)

Alright so onto today's post - I was originally going to write about the best foods to eat during labor, but honestly just thinking about labor reminds me that I am not in labor and then I get mad. SO I decided that I am going to save that post for another day. So rather than tell you about the one thing I want and cannot have right now, I am going to tell you about something that has brought me immense comfort over the past few weeks - CHOCOLATE. You think I am kidding - I am not. I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic and I have been living it up this Holiday season. But in all seriousness, Samantha and I have been surfacing a ton of gift guides lately and I am sure if you follow social media at all then you have been inundated with "buy this" and "show them you care with this", but I wanted to take some time today to say that yes, I understand it is the season of giving but showing someone you care does not always have to cost a fortune (just take a look at this popular post from last Valentines day that people still visit all the time!). In fact, sometimes the smallest gifts (like oh say, a card and a chocolate bar) are all you really need to make someone smile and feel loved - and that is what the holidays are all about, right?

For your convenience, I have linked all of my favorite chocolate options from Amazon because they are one of the only stores that you can buy from today and have your gift get there by Christmas - I hope you enjoy! 

# 1 | Lindt | Lindor Truffles

# 2 | Ghirardelli | Peppermint Bark

# 3 | Ferrero Rocher | Hazelnut Chocolate

# 4 | Godiva | Classic Gold Ribbon

# 5 | Hershey | Holiday Miniatures

# 6 | Theo | Holiday Bar Selection

Holiday gifting is not a requirement, but it absolutely is super fun. I hope you feel a little inspired after today's delicious (and less expensive) option of showing those around you that you care!