5 Williams-Sonoma Baking Mixes That Will Save Your Life This Holiday Season

**THIS IS NOIT A SPONSORED POST - I am really just this obsessed with Williams-Sonoma**

So, we can all agree that the holidays are CRAZY! I mean, between the holiday gift purchasing, working to fund said holiday purchasing, picking out the perfect holiday party attire, attending said holiday parties, and traveling near and far to see loved ones it is no wonder everyone is on edge and strapped for time (and money) this time of year. I used to be someone who would prepare for this time of year a month in advanced - but now due to my "condition" (being 39 weeks pregnant) I have taken a very different approach, especially when it comes to my Holiday baking! Rather than spending hours upon hours searching for the best ingredients to bake the most delicious treats for me friends and family, I have decided to invest my energy in picking out the most delicious pre-made baking mixes that I can whip together at the drop of a hat. Some might call it lazy, but I personally see this as a practice of efficiency and quality control.  

I have been developing this technique since Halloween so I feel I have put in the field research to give you a well rounded list of my 5 Williams-Sonoma Baking Mixes That Will Save Your Life This Holiday Season.

Breakfast | Chocolate Doughnut Mix 

I know that bringing a breakfast treat to a party might not be your first choice, but hear me out! These delicious little pastries are damn delicious and whenever I have brought them to a gathering, they are the first item on the table to run out! It might be that they are the unexpected treat of the evening or maybe it is because they are the perfect finger food option, but whatever it is I am always complimented on this treat.

Breakfast | Peppermint Bark Quick Bread 

So - can you really say that you embraced the Holidays if you did not enjoy something peppermint bark flavored? I did not think so. This quick bread is not only super easy and quick(as advertised) but it is SO yummy and looks very fancy! You will be sure to impress all recipients of this baked delight.

Breakfast | Parker House Roll Mix 

So what are the holidays without some excess carbs? Nothing beats homemade rolls and just because I am offering up a pre-made mixture does not make these fluffy baked goods any less "homemade".  

Dessert | Peppermint Bark Brownie Mix

As mentioned above, peppermint bark = holiday cheer. Do not miss out on this opportunity to spread holiday cheer in a delicious and super convenient way! This brownie mix has proven to blow the mind of the most seasoned brownie connoisseur I know, my dad. He LOVES this baking mix and was blown away by the fact that he could make it at home all by himself.

Dessert | Vanilla Sugar Cookie Mix 

And now for the delicious and oh-so predicable vanilla sugar cookie options! The great thing about these cookies is that you can leave them bare OR decorate them and they will be delicious no matter what. Oh and remember that Cookie Party we talked about last week - this pre-made mix is super clutch for that!

And there you have it - my 2016 Holiday baking hack! I know that I only surfaced Williams-Sonoma options, but that is just because W.S. is a brand that I know and LOVE, but I am sure there are thousands of options out there!

Do you have any baking mixes you love and think should be added to this list? LET'S HEAR EM! I am all about expand my collection of pre-made baking wonders!