The Gift Guide: the one with the experiences

Happy FRIIIIDAAAYYYY! We've been doing gift guides of sorts all week and I think both Nicole and I have really enjoyed it. I did for the ladies and gents in your life, she did for the kitchen and baby lovers and today I'm going to share a bunch of experiences well worth gifting this Christmas

A few years ago I decided that our parents have everything they need and that my aunts and uncles just buy what they want when they want it, so experiences were really the way to go. I've come up with a handful of great options for you and yours and please!! share other ideas in the comments as I'm nowhere near done with my shopping for this year.

1. A cooking classI've spoken on here before about my favorite cooking classes and I'm going to endorse them again. Hipcooks is amazing, they're super laid back and a ton of fun. This gift rings in at $75 a class per person, but it's well worth it. Not to mention, Hipcooks has 7 locations now!

2. On the same theme... give them a food or pub crawl/tour! In Seattle you can purchase food tours of Pike Place Market which I've heard are pretty amazing. I'm sure other large cities have similar experiences and it sounds like so much fun to me! Plus, it's a great date idea at only $45 a person.

3. A fitness subscription! Do you have a friend or loved one who travels a lot but still likes to stay in shape? Or maybe just a friend who prefers to workout at home, rather than the gym. Either way, this idea is perfect. I am personally digging this Download Yoga option where you get unlimited streaming of 1,000s of yoga videos for only $12 a month! 

4. Try The WorldI think this is an awesome subscription idea for the more adventurous cooks in your life. Think of Blue Apron or HelloFresh but add in recipes and cooking techniques from all over the world. I got this for my aunts last year and with a one box gift starting at only $40, it's totally reasonable! 

5. I'm all about getting to know your city better and CityPass is a great way to do that. They have them in a bunch of major cities and essentially it's a pass that gets you discounts at the major attractions the city has to offer. For Seattle, they offer discounts at the Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Argosy Cruises, the zoo and more! You can get a CityPass for as little as $75 for an adult if you buy it on sale.

6. Give them a day at the tracks! I've had a few friends get their husbands these cool exotic car experiences and there are several options for them in Seattle alone, I have to imagine other cities have similar things. Basically you get a pass to drive a Ferrari or a Lambo for a few laps around a track and experience the rush of speed and power! 

7. Indoor Skydiving!!  Have some friends who are just a bit too chicken to go skydiving with you? Count me into that group. But besides that point, this looks like a ton of fun - you get to go skydive in a controlled, indoor environment. No plummeting to your death here! This isn't the least expensive gift ever at nearly $80 - but it sure would be an experience! 

8. Get them a dinner cruise or a dinner mystery train ride or something like that. That's way more fun than a gift card to a restaurant! This is another experience that's about $80 per person but in most cases, they serve you a multi-course meal and they take you around and point out sights and attractions. I've done these over the years and always enjoy myself! 

And that wraps up our week of gift guides. What did you guys think? Find anything your loved ones just have to have? What about additional experiences, I've thought about zoo memberships and things of that nature, but what could I get for other people without kids? 

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