The Gift Guide: For Him

This week has been all about Gift Guides! For her, for the kitchen (my fav!) and today for him! We all have guys in our lives, brothers, fathers, friends, friends with benefits (we don't judge here), hubbies, whatever the relationship, I've got the gift for you, err - them, today! 

I'm crossing my fingers that you already thought of a few of these and grabbed them while they were on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but if not, don't fret! This guide covers cheap-y-cheap to pricey and some items are still on sale!

Without Further Ado...

2016 Gift Guide for Him

I can sincerely vouch for several of these as I've gotten them for Justin and he's loved them... 

1. Starting with one of the most expensive items on the list, the Amazon Echo at $179 (or the slightly less expensive Google Assistant - $145). Apparently, this thing is needed in every household and then OH OH buy the Dots too so you can have one in every room. I personally think it's a bit ridiculous but people are going gaga over these things. Say "Alexa" and start to record your grocery list by voice, hook it up to all your smart home devices to control your heat and lights and everything else. I'll admit it seems cool... I just know that I wouldn't use it to itiaVs full potential - but a spot on the list it gets! 



2. These Allbirds Wool Runners for $95. I love these shoes, and frankly want them for myself, but alas, they're for men. I've never heard of this brand but came across these on Pinterest and just think they're incredibly stylish while supposedly being great for exercising and running. I MIGHT even like them more than Nikes. But don't tell anyone that.

3. Yes, yes and yes. Every guy needs a good "weekend bag". For that two day trip you guys take to a nearby town, for the guys weekend at the lake, this type of bag is PERFECT. I got Justin one of these a couple years ago and it's stylish and just the right size, he loves it and I'm convinced every man needs one. This particular bag is the Ulgoo Travel Duffel ringing in at only $44!!

4. Now we're getting into the super affordable gifts. Nearly anywhere you live in the US will get at least a few days a year of glove weather. I recommended tech-friendly gloves for the gal in your life and I think that these are the ones for the fella. The Isotoner Men's Smartouch Tech Stretch Gloves (holy run-on-name) are only $15 on Amazon right now - winning! 

5. These little portable chargers are the most amazing things ever. Justin and I each have one and nearly every time I pull it out in front of someone... the next time I see them they have one too! They will easily charge a phone from nearly dead to full and are easy to charge themselves. Not to mention - cheap cheap cheap! At only $13 this Anker PowerCore+ Mini Portable Charger is a must have.

6. I can't promise you this is the exact set the beer lover in your life needs, but it's a pretty cool one. The point is, a set of all the cool beer glasses is just... well cool. This one is only $32 so I think the Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Beer Glass Set is kinnnnnnd of a winner.

7. Okay, so you may be thinking I'm crazy for putting a $42 belt on here, but it's seriously so good. First off, Mission Belt, the company, was on Shark Tank. As if that's not enough... Every belt purchased helps feed people around the world, I strongly suggest you read the companies mission. And lastly, Justin's had his for years and it's still in amazing condition. They look amazing, they're for a good cause, and the seem to stand the test of time. Love these things.

8. Lastly - the man in your life (every man in your life...) needs a good set of bluetooth headphones. In part, because they'll work with his new iPhone7, but also because cords are a pain in the ass at the gym, or running or... doing anything active what-so-ever. I personally like these AYL Bluetooth Headphones that ring in (RIGHT NOW) at only $29.99 - vs. their usual $139, but there are a million nice pairs out there, for every budget.

What do you think of these? Am I missing anything major? I need some tips on what to get Justin because he clearly already owns almost everything listed above...

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