The Holidays are Officially Upon Us

Well friends, last week Nicole and I experienced one of our best weeks of blogging yet! We had a ton of people visit our site, we broke (and kept!!) the 500 mark on Instagram, and we had more comments than usual and this is ALL thanks to YOU! We so appreciate those of you that come back time and time again to read about our lives and we love those of you that have never been here before or come only once in a blue moon just as much. 

In true Nicole and Samantha fashion, we hit some goals last week so now we're taking a week off. Makes sense, right?! 

We had planned to blog through Wednesday this week, but if I'm being honest, we're both exhausted. Nicole is 8-months pregnant and my excuse is much lamer than that - it was my birthday weekend and I have to make pies for Thanksgiving. 

Speaking of Thanksgiving!! We'd both like to encourage you to #OptOutside this Black Friday. Carry on the Thanksgiving tradition of spending time with your family into the Friday and avoid the crazy madness of stores. Go on a beautiful Fall hike, go pick a Christmas tree, spend time with your friends and family and please, oh please, don't beat anyone up to get a $20 discount on some coveted children's toy. 

We both want to thank you for continuing to support us in this side hustle of ours, we are so grateful and thankful to have this space and to have all of you in our lives - virtually or otherwise. Thank you for allowing us a few days to regroup, remotivate and write a whole ton of posts for the coming weeks!

See you next Monday! 

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