Blog Crush : The girl who loved to write

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Oh man, is anyone else just pumped for the weekend? Although, if your weekend looks anything like mine then it is going to consist of a lot of grocery lists, Costco runs, and meal prep as we gear up for Thanksgiving!

Alright, on to the Blog Crush Friday!! If you have been following this blog a while now then you know that we here at the Pursuit of Balance are all about A) Women's Empowerment and B) building up a strong community of women who support each other - which is why we decided to host a monthly series where we honor one of our favorite bloggers because if we do not tell them they are awesome, who is going to?! I have written about the wonderful ladies over at A Beautiful Mess, the always stunning Eva at Happily Eva After, and now I could not be more excited to dedicate some time to celebrating Chelsea at The Girl Who Loved to Write.

Picture taken from The Girl Who Loved to Write About Me page.

Picture taken from The Girl Who Loved to Write About Me page.

When you first enter The Girl Who Loved to Write you are immediately greeted by bright bold colors, a catchy title for the latest blog post, and a beautiful picture of a girl with a headband holding a bouquet of paper hearts. You may skim her latest post (which would likely have you have you laughing at her witty banter or smiling as you browse pictures of her adorable son, Jack) or you may decide to check our her about me page, where you would find the picture above of Chelsea wearing an inflatable flamingo and a very catchy image citing all of her favorite things (of which my favorite would be Coffee Chugger). If you missed any of that let me recap the highlights:

  • beautiful bold colors
  • catchy blog title
  • headband
  • witty
  • adorable son, Jack
  • inflatable flamingo
  • coffee chugger

I cannot decide if this girl is my spirit animal or my new best friend. Labels aside, one thing is for sure and that is that I love this blog.

If I had to narrow down the top two things I love most about Chelsea's blog it would be:

  1. Her ability to be honest, but keep it light. Prime example: What November Has Taught Me: "If the Presidential Election is good for one thing, it is memes"
  2. The fact that she can reflect on herself and where she is at in life and accept that it might not be perfect and still see that it is beautiful, which ties nicely into her signature "Life is so good xo, Chelsea"

I honestly do not think 1 short post would ever be able to do this blog justice because it just had so much to offer. I hope you take the time to CHECK OUT HER BLOG! And as for you, Chelsea please keep on keeping on and know that there is a little blog out there that has a big ole' crush on you!

Have you ever read The Girl Who Loved to Write? If not, have you checked it out now and do you love it?!