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Nicole wrote about her dream home a few months ago and although it's beautiful and spectacular and the perfect size, it's not exactly what I would want. Justin and I often hand over the iPad with a house pulled up on Zillow and you don't even want to know the number of items I have in online carts at places like Pier 1, Overstock, and Etsy. For this post, I went through my Home and Garden Pinterest board as well as my Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, and Kitchen boards because I HAVE A PROBLEM. 

Without further ado...

All pictures taken directly from Pinterest and the pictures themselves are links - most of these I couldn't find legit sources for, but I assure you, these are not my pictures :)

Justin and I both love a craftsman style home and luckily for us, there are a ton of these in Seattle. If only we had a million dollars to drop on a mortgage. Oh, you think I'm funny? That dollar number is not a joke. Someday our Dinks lifestyle will pay off in the form of a beautiful Seattle Craftsman, though. The best part about these is the main living spaces aren't giant, but they almost all have basements where we could put a pool table, and a couch and large TV.

Justin and I do plan to have dogs, and keep Oliver too ;) so we'll need a bit of a yard that he can mow and landscape (because he enjoys it!!) but I really just care about having a deck where we can have some kind of built-in BBQ area and seating for guests and ourselves. Also, up above on that craftsman style home, I need a front porch that I can put a swing on.

I'm kind of obsessed with the super cozy and functional spaces with a hint of style. That doesn't mean I have an eye for home style what-so-ever... I seriously lack in that area, but I try and these living rooms would ba amazing. I definitely need a couple sectionals in my life! 

I really need some blue lowers and white uppers in my future. Like, desperately. I'm in love with this style and LOOK AT THAT BACKSPLASH. To die for. I want a big kitchen with a giant island with seating for at least 5 I think. There may not be 5 of us living there, but I want to have people over and the kitchen is the most important place for that! I also want a farm sink and only a few glass cabinet fronts, not everything I own is display worthy, after all.

I will also need an office since I work from home often and also blog. This office is perfecccction. A giant desk with plenty of room for all my things and then pseudo-built-ins for all the crap I want to hide away. Can you tell I like white? Just wait until you get further into the post...

Again, I'm very into the comfy, cozy but stylish rooms. This looks like heaven to me. A big bed with tons of blankets and comforters, a bench at the bottom to put my shoes on at and chairs by the windows to sit and read. This looks like pure luxery to me.

Even more important than the bedroom is the closet. Justin and I currently have a two bedroom house and he uses the closet in the office and I get the one in the bedroom. This is not a long term solution! In the future, I'd love to have a giant walk in closet with a built in folding station / chest of drawers. The above picture is perfect so long as the opposite side is just as large in hanging space. Justin and I have a clothing problem. No apologies. 

Swoon. Neither Justin or I are bath takers. In fact, I kind of hate baths. So no bath for us is required. An amazingly large shower with glass doors, though? A must. I also LOVE the white in here and the tile, I think it looks clean and sophisticated and I love it. So long as that vanity has two sinks, because that's a requirement.

So there you have it, my dream house. Make sure to Pin images you love and visit my boards for even more great finds if you like my style!

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