Introducing The Pursuit of Balance!

It's finally here! The moment we've (ahem) all been waiting for! Nicole and Samantha launch a health, wellness, and women’s empowerment blog! As we introduce you to our baby, we would like to review a few simple facts we hold to be self evident:

FACT: All good things come to those who wait

For the last few months we've been working on this passion project; but if we are being honest, we have been preparing for this endeavor for the past 5 years. As two young educated and motivated females we are in a stage of life where we are taking on new careers, relationships, and starting families of our own. We would be lying if we said that over the past 27.5 years we have not faltered in our pursuit of balance. While we do not pretend to have all the answers, we hope to provide a space where we can surface the big topics and be able to connect a community of women who can offer a variety of perspectives.

FACT: Passion breeds Passion

The Pursuit of Balance blog is committed to providing the ins and outs of our daily lives in hopes of showing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Our posts will parallel our passions - healthy recipes, exercise routines, ways to manage stress and life in general and how we have managed to find balance in our lives. We're hoping that this blog is a place where women can come to find content that inspires them to live happier, healthier lives. We also plan to provide you with a good laugh here and there, we’re pretty hilarious, if we do say so ourselves.

FACT: “Life is an experiment. The more you experiment the better it gets” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

As our blog is in it’s infancy, we plan on helping it grow as much as possible. We will be experimenting with our topics. We will tackle tough subjects. We will be talking about our personal lives. We will discuss health and fitness. We will also be talking about what is going on in the world and how we feel about it. We will probably make a few mistakes along the way - but that is all part of the fun. We hope that you follow along and chime in!

Welcome to The Pursuit of Balance!

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What would you like to see and read about here on The Pursuit of Balance? Are you looking for healthy recipes, fitness inspiration and workouts or all around life balance pointers? We can't wait to share everything we've learned and tell you all about where we've tried and failed to find balance in certain areas of our lives.