All About Samantha


Well, I think it's about time I do a post all about me, myself and I. Aren't you EXCITED?!

Behind this blog, The Pursuit of Balance, are two halves to make the whole. Nicole and myself, Samantha. As you can see --> I'm the blonde one and also the homeowner (not the fiance - yet). That comment will make more sense to you if you've read our about page, promise.

Now, a bit about me. Ok, more than a bit.

I'm a true north-westerner, born and raised in Seattle. The actual city, not the suburbs. It's not true that it rains all the time, it mists, and I like the gray just fine, thanks for asking. The Spring, Summer and first part of Fall more than make up for the gray Winters. I've traveled a decent amount and have never, ever, anywhere, no how-no way, experienced a more beautiful city than when it's nice here in Seattle.

Now I do live in the suburbs because I bought a townhouse in October and ain't nobody got enough money to buy in actual Seattle. I'd like to say I am working on lots of projects on the house, but really I'm just brainstorming all the projects I want to pay someone to do for me. Hashtag not that handy. Hashtag no DIYing here.

J and Oliver.jpg

I have one little puppy, Oliver, that you've probably seen lots if you follow us on Instagram and one boyfriend that I probably mention more often than he'd like here on the blog. I tell myself they love me anyways. The puppy is actually 7 and the boyfriend and I have been together since before the pups was born. 

So, what qualifies me to write about health and fitness and finding balance? Welp, not much. It's been a long road to finding balance in my life, although I like to think the semblance of balance was always there (ha-ha). The past few years have been a time of transition in my life. Justin and I split for awhile, I got my own apartment, I got a new job, I bought a house, Justin and I got back together, you know, a totally typical, nothing out of the ordinary couple of years. 

Throughout this time of transition, I learned a lot about myself and what I need in my life to make myself happy rather than what I need in my life to make me happy. You see, I don't need all the materialistic things or a million dollars (unless you're offering). I need to have friends and family that care about me, a job that I don't dread going to every day, and an attitude that everything is going to work out eventually. So, clearly I'm abundantly qualified to tell you how to live your life in a balanced way. Clearly.

So now you know a little bit about me and what I'll probably be writing a lot about. What brings you to this space on a regular basis? Are you searching for balance in your life or have you figured out a good balance that works for you? If so, how?!?