The Fall TV Shows You Need to Watch (+ Netflix Series to Binge if you Don't Have Cable!)

So, longest blog post title ever. My apologies. I just wanted to let you all know that not only have I vetted the following new Fall TV shows but I've also watched the following series from start to finish on Netflix (for those non-cable-goers like my former self) and they're all major winners in my book. 

The Fall TV Shows and Netflix Binges you don't want to miss!

Like all of you, I've seen nothing but Fall TV previews for weeks now and there were a few shows I was realllllly looking forward to. I love my Suits, NCIS, and Grays Anatomy, but there were also some pretty sweet new shows coming up. So I went ahead and watched one episode (the pilot) of each of those new shows and I've compiled my comments and opinions on each below. I've also written out the shows that aren't new but that you should definitely be watching. If you aren't I honestly don't know what rock you've been living under.

New Fall TV Shows You Should Know About:

In alphabetical order, no less!

1. BullOh to the Em Gee. I was SO excited about this show. Did any of you ever watch Lie To Me? I loved that show and this reminded me of it (PS. Lie To Me is one you should totally binge watch on Netflix if you haven't seen it). This is about a genius people reader who is able to select jury members to get a successful trial for his clients. It's witty, funny and Dr. Bull is very sharp, not to mention handsome. FIVE STARS.

2. Designated SurvivorI didn't actually start seeing previews for this show until Sunday or Monday night football but the first preview I saw I was like "YES! That one!" and I told Justin about it and then, bless his heart, he remembered the next day and set it up to record. This is with Kiefer Sutherland and the premise is that during the State of the Union address they've always got one person from congress locked away in another secure facility so that if the State Capitol get's blown to bits there is a - you got it - designated survivor to take over the presidency. I loved this pilot episode and really think it's going to be a good one. I also love Madam Secretary (if it's on Netflix you should binge), but it takes a lot to follow, you really have to pay attention and I don't think this one will be quite as complicated.  

3. Lethal Weapon. I wasn't sold on this one from the previews. I wasn't even sold on this one from the first half of the pilot episode. Both Justin and I were like.... mmmm, this one is getting cancelled. BUT the second half of the episode got drastically better and it had me wanting to know more about the characters and feeling empathy for them, I want to see how it plays out and it's totally set to record every week until it hopefully doesn't get cancelled. Ever. It's a sweet dynamic of a duo. 

4. The Good Place. Guys, I really, REALLY want to love this one because who doesn't love Kristen Bell? I've even written about her on here before! But oh man, I'm just not sure I'm going to be able to get into this one. I'm not much for stupid comedy and it might be a bit much of that. The idea is that Kristen's character died and ended up in THE GOOD PLACE, but of course she doesn't deserve to be there and it's a whole big thing. We'll see if the additional episodes get better, and don't you worry your pretty little faces, I assure you I'll let you know... but if not this won't be something we continue watching :(

5. This is UsHell to the YES. Every time Justin saw this on the DVR he literally went "do you want to watch the one that's going to make you cry your eyes out or xyz" - meaning literally anything else we had on the DVR. I finally gave in Monday night to watch This is Us, fully expecting to bawl my eyes out and I didn't, really.... until the end. But it was a happy sad and gosh, I love this show. I didn't think Justin would be on board but there is a LOT of humor and there are some twists that you would never see coming, the pilot episode was great and I recommend this to literally anyone. It is going to be a sweet, feel good but real life like story. This is my favorite so far. Besides maybe Bull. Well shit, I liked Designated Survivor too. 

Just watch them all and help me decide which is the best, ok? Just do me a solid here.

The Netflix shows you need to binge watch

I didn't have cable for a good long time so trust me when I say I am a Netflix Binge Watch Extraordinaire. To the Nth degree. So when I recommend these shows I don't do it lightly, they're just as highly promoted by myself as the above Fall TV shows. Believe me. Watch them all. Preferably in this (also) alphabetical order.

1. Bones. Crime shows, love story, solving crimes by examining human remains (skeletons). Very cool, it's been on for a long time (is still going strong) and I've watched every episode no less than 3 times. Which is a LOT when there is like a gazillion seasons.

2. Burn Notice. Action packed, sexy guys blowing things up and always doing good. The premise is x-spy turned good guy saving the world. But much less comic-booky. I watched every show while on Cable. I literally dreaded weeknight TV binges once the series ended. And then I watched them all on Netflix. More quickly than I'd like to admit.

3. Gilmore Girls. If you haven't watched this we simply cannot be friends. I already have plans for the entire Saturday after Thanksgiving to watch the GG Revival on Netflix. With some girlfriends. And these t-shirts. This is my favorite show ever. Witty, funny, so very sincere and real-life like and just the best. I can't even put into words how much I love Rory and Lorelai.

4. Grey's Anatomy. Is this even a question? It's still on TV, but also, you should binge watch all the past episodes on Netflix. Have a box of tissues. Like, one per episode preferably.  

5. Hart of Dixie. So here is an oddball because you've probably never heard of it. I freaking loved this show. It was about a doctor from Manhattan who ended up in some little po-dunk Alabama town and fell in love and so on and so forth. It's adorable, light-hearted and amazing. It's also a quick watch, each episode is short, there are only like 3 or 4 seasons and it's just easy to have on in the background while you're reading twitter or whatever. I highly recommend it. Not to mention, it's Rachel Bilson, from the OC (which I never watched, but I've heard this is a convincing factor for people).

And there you have it. My list for how to waste away your evenings and weekends in this long and dreary Fall/Winter we're quickly entering. What do you think? Did I miss anything because it's already dark until 7am here and dark again at 6:45pm so I'm going to need all the recommendations I can get! For the record, we also watch Suits, NCIS and Jeopardy (okay, that's just me) religiously. 

What are your all time favorite shows? Or new shows? Share them in the comments! 

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