Our Favorite Style Instagram-ers

Last month Nicole wrote about her favorite food Instagram accounts and not only did I love the post, you guys seemed to as well! She inspired me to write this weeks Instagram post all about style accounts we follow and love. I've mentioned several times on the blog that style is not my strong suit, that's what Stitch Fix is for... so I need all the help and inspiration I can get. 

In come these beauties:

#1. PoorLittleItGirl

Can we talk about her hair for a minute? Because I'm in love with it. Besides the hair... Cathy seems to have this very classic chic look going on and she throws in some super fun pieces here and there to spice things up. I wish I had half the nerve as she does to wear some of the patterns and styles she wears. I suppose it helps that she looks rocking in every single outfit! Not to mention, you can SHOP HER INSTAGRAM!

#2. ShopDandy

Obsessssed with Danielle from ShopDandy! I think she always looks dressy and yet flawless and very "I can go out to a nice dinner or to work or just out to a bar with girlfriends in this outfit". I wish I had as many dresses as Danielle has and also that it was mildly acceptable to wear dresses all year in Washington (hello cold and rainy). With that being said, her effortless class kills me and I'm in love with it all. You can really dive in and get to know Danielle's style by checking out her blog!

#3. A_SouthernDrawl

It appears that the styles I love have to do with being somewhere warm enough to wear dresses and tank tops every day, maybe I just need a vacation?

I digress. Grace from A_SouthernDrawl has exactly the style I want to emulate most days. She looks dressy and fabulous and fit in every single one of her pictures (even the ones in workout gear!). Grace also manages to look extremely comfortable, which is high on my list. Love this style! Make sure to check her out on her website!

#4. KatiesBliss

Again with the sunshine... Bright colors, comfortable fabrics, super chic and lots of flip flops in place of heels. This is my kind of girl! Katie seems to have style for all weather figured out and looks incredible in all of the bright colors and huge patterns. Her feed is just so beautiful to look through and I want to own it all! You can check her out on KatiesBliss.com!

#5. KateIreneBlue

This one is uber stylish but to me it really just looks like alllll comfort. We're going to ignore the fact that Kate is pregnant and I'm most definitely not, because I want to be this comfy too, damn it! Tons of flowly blouses, cute shorts and comfy shoes. She has the perfect amount of style without looking like she's trying too hard or even really looking like a style blogger, if you know what I mean... Love it all and you can see more of it at For The Love of Fancy.

Those are some of my favorite Instagram style icons... but what about you? 

I need more inspiration, who are your favorite style Instagram-ers?

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